Who are we? – Interquantum

Sustainable and economic solutions...

Inter-Quantum was created in order to offer their clients sustainable and economic solutions, with a strong incision in the circular economy of recyclables, and with a presence in the markets closest to the RAM, like Africa, South America, and Southern Europe.

We deliver recycling and waste processing consultancy services worldwide, including the advice and negotiation with suppliers, no matter how big or small. From conception to delivery, we will be there helping and offering advice every step of the way.

We assist our clients to identify and select appropriate raw materials and manufacturing technology, arrange and facilitate technology transfer to Africa, assist clients to absorb the technology and assist investors to identify possible joint venture partners in Africa and Middle East.

Our technical consultancy activities include new project planning & implementation; Providing technical & processing Know-how; preparing detail project reports and project feasibility reports; Procurement for machinery and raw materials (PP, HDPE, PET Resin etc..) for direct sale to our customers.

We are working to set-up the first waste R-PET bottle to bottle recycling Plan in Western Africa and we have also multiple projects in Angola, Mozambique, Republic of South Africa, Republic of Congo and Cameroon.

To summarize, we are focused in offering complete solutions of recycled raw materials, in the management and maintenance of industrial equipment, and the consultation on the process of inserting recycled raw materials into the production process. We are active in the management and commercialization of virgin and recycled raw materials for the metal and plastics packaging industry and the food industry, as well as recuperating and recycling plastics in Portugal and, as a new project, PET in Africa.

Inter-Quantum is committed to, continuously, accomplishing, our responsibility of protecting the environment for future generations, operating as a responsible global citizen for a shared community.


Where do we operate?

Aiming to take advantage of our presence on the Island of Madeira, Inter Quantum...